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Using Kabbalistic Astrology and the Human Design System to guide you to an authentic life, without resistance.

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Sarah Saxby

Hi, all! 

Welcome to Strategies for Happiness!  I’m so excited to be manifesting MY soul’s purpose, which is helping YOU manifest YOURS.  Whether it’s personal, in relationships, or in career, my strategy is to reconnect you to your own personal guidance system that ALWAYS provides the right answers, at the right time, and gives clarity on how to best move forward in a brand new structure, without resistance.  I look forward to working with you and making HAPPY the  new normal.

XOXO, Sarah


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What Is an Astrology Reading and Do You Need One_Strategies for Happiness

What Is an Astrology Reading and Do You Need One?

Astrology reading to put simply will give you details about the different aspects of your life based on the placement of the planets and other celestial bodies at the time of your birth. Astrologists are able to read all this information via your natal or

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Life Coaching What Is It and What Is It Not_Strategies for Happiness

Life Coaching: What Is It and What Is It Not

So, straight to the point, what is life coaching exactly – it is the process where a professional helps the client to set goals and devise plans that are geared towards achieving a more content and satisfactory life. These professionals, called life coaches, through a series

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