Life Coaching: What Is It and What Is It Not

Life Coaching What Is It and What Is It Not_Strategies for Happiness

So, straight to the point, what is life coaching exactly – it is the process where a professional helps the client to set goals and devise plans that are geared towards achieving a more content and satisfactory life.

These professionals, called life coaches, through a series of sessions, get to know their clients by listening intently. They study the client’s strengths and weaknesses and empathize with their experiences.

They then offer insights and guidance, that are unique to each client, which will facilitate positive changes starting with improving the client’s efficiency in taking on life’s challenges.

Roles of a Life Coach

In life coaching, the life coach aside from aiding clients in setting goals and drawing out plans also acts as the accountability partner.

They keep the client on track, keep them energized and motivated, and also help them get through rough patches which are normally expected when someone is going through changes in life.

Life coaches also guide clients in recognizing obstacles and then providing support so that they could move past them. They also encourage accepting responsibility for the outcomes of any decision made.

All of these are geared towards leading clients in gaining more clarity, boosting their confidence, and improving their mental health.

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Therapy vs. Life Coaching

Oftentimes therapy is confused with life coaching since both involve discussing fears, problems, aspirations, and relationships. But one thing you should keep in mind is that life coaches are not therapists.

Therapists are licensed mental health professionals who deal with diagnosing and treating mental health conditions while life coach, although there are those who are certified, are not mandated by law, and does not need to have formal academic training.

The latter also does not treat mental health conditions and is rather focused on offering new insights into challenges that will help the client succeed in materializing the plan they have set in place.

As mentioned previously, life coaching involves helping people achieve certain goals while therapy is geared towards healing inner pain and addressing past traumas in life.

That said, it doesn’t mean that a person seeking a therapist’s help will not benefit from having a life coach as well – you can certainly have them both. But keep in mind though that a life coach alone will not suffice if what you really need is therapy.

If you’re ready to get help and want to find a life coach near you, don’t hesitate to ask. You can start with friends or family referrals. You can also turn to your doctor for recommendations. And of course, you can also make use of online searches and social media.

There are life coaches who are offering free consultations so perhaps you can start from there and book a quick call. The good thing about a phone consultation is that you don’t have to leave home. This allows you to save time and money (traveling to and from) particularly when you don’t know what exactly to expect from life coaching.

A simple phone consultation will also likely make the decision to finally ‘go for it’ and take the first step easier for some individuals. Especially for those who are still unsure of how to go about it but are eager to seek help.

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What To Expect From Life Coaching

Feel free to discuss your expectations or any questions you may have during a consultation with a life coach. You are about to make a decision that can alter your life so, absolutely, ask away! Or at least do your best to communicate your concerns. Don’t worry too much if you can’t seem to verbalize it clearly, oftentimes the life coach will help you with it.

Worry not if you’re not exactly sure what to ask – this is where the right life coach comes into play, more likely it’s the right one if he or she is asking the right questions – you know, the ones which you never thought of asking but realized are exactly what you have been wondering all this time.

The right life coach for you is also someone who listens without judgment, is an empathic communicator, and one who is driven to help. It’s also particularly important that you find someone who ‘feels right’ and somehow also matches your personality and style.

As to what to expect from life coaching, here are some pointers for starters to give you some ideas:

  • Life coaching sessions can be online or via phone or can be in person. Even if you did find a life coach near you and an in-person session seems the more likely choice, you can still request an online session instead if you feel more comfortable with that form of coaching.
  • It’s not a quick-fix solution – it does take time to achieve goals. Setting short-term and long-term goals with your life coach will help in keeping you focused and keeping you on track. This will aid in getting you through a rut or that feeling of getting stuck which can happen if you’re focusing too much on the long-term goals when you should be celebrating the achievement of the short-term ones.
    • Although results or benefits are very subjective to each client, there is a study made that shows enhanced mental health, quality of life, and goal attainment associated with individuals who participated in a life coaching program.

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Types of Life Coaching

There are many types of life coaching and you’re probably thinking about which one you actually need. It will ultimately come down to basically what aspect of your life are you hoping to work on:

Wellness Coaching

When you need help with making healthy changes like managing weight, eating better, quitting smoking, improving sleeping habits, and or reducing stress.

Intuitive Coaching

When you need help in connecting to the deepest parts of yourself and guide you through intuition to access the power of the divine energy to answer questions like why am I here, who do I want to become, and what do I want to create.

Health Coaching

When you need help in implementing improved lifestyle changes for better physical health to manage acute or chronic health conditions with the aid of clinical interventions, strategies, and skillful conversation.

Spiritual Business Coaching

When you need help in creating a fulfilling career that supports work-life balance by getting back in touch with what once made you feel connected and free.

Relationship Coaching

When you need help in overcoming challenging relationship dynamics and making the relationship prosper by improving communication as well as conflict resolution skills.

Finance Coaching

When you need help in money management or dealing with spending or budgeting issues and identifying opportunities to create an improve positive financial habits that will benefit and support your financial goals.

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