What is a Wellness Coach?

A wellness coach is a professional who aids clients in setting and achieving health goals for their overall well-being. These professionals help in identifying key areas that require improvements which are commonly centered around the client’s physical and emotional health.

People who are in need of a wellness coach are usually those who are looking to make significant changes in their lifestyle, want to improve their strengths and talents, need guidance in moving forward in their career, require assistance in dealing with major life decisions, and other similar circumstances.

Wellness coaches are basically the ones in charge of guiding the clients in their respective journeys for a more positive lifestyle. They mentor them into achieving and sustaining behavioral changes that are geared towards supporting their health goals for overall wellness.

You’re may be thinking, isn’t health and wellness the same thing? Well, yes and no. Because health is a state of being, it refers to physical, mental, and social well-being while wellness on the other hand is a state of living a healthy lifestyle. As the National Wellness Institute defines it, wellness is an ‘active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward a more successful existence.’

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Health Coach vs Wellness Coach

Although a lot of people use these terms interchangeably, and while some respective aspects overlap, there is a difference between a health and wellness coach.

Health coaches basically work with people who have acute or chronic health conditions so that they can facilitate health behavior changes that will aid them in self-managing their health issues.

They basically help the client to achieve health goals that are geared towards attaining or improving strong physical condition that will result in lowered health risk and consequently, lowered health care cost as well.

Wellness coaches on the other hand, basically work with quite ‘healthy’ individuals who are looking to maintain or improve their overall health. So, they’re not sick, sick. But they do want to get well and better.

A wellness coach can help clients make healthy changes with for instance general weight management, eating better, quitting smoking, reducing stress, improving sleeping habits, and the like.

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Importance of a Wellness Coach

You’re probably thinking, is having a wellness coach really that important? Well, if you’re having trouble following through with your plans, are susceptible to stress, easily get distracted, or are a certified procrastinator – perhaps it’s time to consider having one.

A wellness coach will basically act as your accountability partner who will be there for you throughout your wellness journey. One who will:

  • keep you on track
  • make sure you are focused
  • and energize you with positive reinforcements

Because let’s face it, changes, even in their simplest form can trigger a lot of emotions and stress that can sabotage one’s progress. And this is where a wellness coach’s role proved to be important – having an accountability partner there with you will make sure that you stay in the course.

He or she will not only help you find the motivation to bring about the changes you needed to reach the goals you have set but will also coach you into executing changes when it comes to mental and physical conditioning.

For one, they know very well that being physically fit is not enough, it’s also vital to keep you mentally fit. So, to improve overall wellness, the brain and emotional health need to work hand in hand with physical health.

A wellness coach will ultimately guide you in creating a sustainable improvement – one that is built around your particular strengths and experiences and is a product of careful planning coupled with accountability and dedication.

How to Find the Right Wellness Coach for You?

The right wellness coach is someone who is certified, educated, and knowledgeable in nutrition, sleep, stress management, physical movement, and basically other factors that affects wellness.

And yes, there are many wellness coaches out there – aside from online research, you can also try referrals or recommendations from friends or families. Your family doctor may also know one he can recommend.

You can also make use of social media to find a wellness coach that you feel you can work with. These platforms made it easier to reach out and communicate with these professionals with just a few clicks. Don’t hesitate to send a short message if you find one that ‘feels right’ for you and see how it goes from there.

Keep in mind that the right wellness coach is someone who is a non-judgmental listener and an empathetic communicator. Someone who treats each client’s health journey as a unique one, someone who is genuinely driven to help, and who values relationships.

Ultimately, you would like to find a wellness coach whom you can build rapport with – after all, you’ll be working closely together beginning from day one. So, find a wellness coach that somehow matches your personality and style.

And you’d know if you found the right wellness coach if you’re left feeling energized after every call or session.


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